Why Send And Archive Is The Best Email Hack


If you’re like me, you want to have a clean email inbox. Like really, really clean. If you’re performing email best practices, you’ll have a fair amount of instances where you follow the “two minute rule” of processing your inbox. That is, if a task takes two minutes, just do it right then and there. […]

A New T-Shaped Framework For Marketing Agencies


Rand Fishkin is great. When I was starting in SEO, reading Rand’s posts was what created a lot of foundational knowledge to my understanding of the topic. Lately, he’s dug into a lot of content-related topics (which are helpful to a degree), but his roots are in SEO-heavy blog posts. I loved them. Rand also […]

Twenty Four


Hours in a day. My age today. Best show to ever run on Fox. After half-committing to doing this thing now every year, I’m in. Today is my 24th birthday. John Mayer has a song called “Why Georgia” that he wrote around his 24th birthday. In the song, he mentions having a “quarter life crisis”. […]

Hollow Words


I write a lot. We all do. Emails, text messages, tweets, blog posts, reports. Everyone writes (some better than others). When I’m writing, it comes fairly easily to me. I can push out a few hundred words about any topic in 15 minutes. I prefer to write for the most part — I can get […]

One Year Anniversary Trip To Atlanta Wrap Up


Six Flags Over Georgia Typical expensive theme park. Long waits, busier than we thought given the time of year and 2-3 rides were down for maintenance. The place was too busy now — most rides were a hour wait while some stretched to two. The water park section wasn’t open so no comment there. Wait […]