The Win-Win Client Work Philosophy


A few years (at two agencies) and dozens of clients later, it’s taken me a while to realize something profoundly simple: win-win client work is the only path to success. You’re probably saying “duh” in your head. I know that. But, you’d be surprised how often digital marketing or web design agencies take on work that’s […]

Stop Using Millennial As A Marketing Buzzword


I despise clickbait. Typically, the worst offenders are the usual suspects – Buzzfeed, Gawker Media, Facebook Related Stories, Upworthy. You know – big media sites. But, lately, I’ve been increasingly frustrated by the amount of clickbait in the marketing world that’s all centered around the “Millennial Marketing” movement. Namely, it’s article after article pandering to […]

Turn The Ship Around Book Summary & Review


About 8 months ago, I had a title change. I wasn’t just a Digital Marketing Manager anymore — I was a Digital Marketing Director. At the time, I thought it was a nice nod and mechanism to recognize my efforts and work quality. For the few months following, very little changed. No huge shifts in productivity, […]

Why Send And Archive Is The Best Email Hack


If you’re like me, you want to have a clean email inbox. Like really, really clean. If you’re performing email best practices, you’ll have a fair amount of instances where you follow the “two minute rule” of processing your inbox. That is, if a task takes two minutes, just do it right then and there. […]

A New T-Shaped Framework For Marketing Agencies


Rand Fishkin is great. When I was starting in SEO, reading Rand’s posts was what created a lot of foundational knowledge to my understanding of the topic. Lately, he’s dug into a lot of content-related topics (which are helpful to a degree), but his roots are in SEO-heavy blog posts. I loved them. Rand also […]