I was in a meeting the other day and someone opened my website in front of me. I was nervous. Why? Because I’m afraid. Afraid to be criticized (in person). Afraid there’s a typo I missed. Afraid that I will be judged for my writing. Around here, I’m the editor, author, publisher and promoter. Needless […]

Kershaw Half Ton Knife Review


Fun fact you probably don’t know about me: I used to be in the Boy Scouts. And, if I only learned one thing about life from the Boy Scouts, it’s that you should always be prepared. While that doesn’t mean I carry around a sleeping bag and forty two granola bars everyday, I do try […]

The Skills You Really Need To Be Good At Marketing


I remember it like it was yesterday. I’m sitting in the counselors office of Coastal Carolina University with my freshman assigned college counselor. It’s her job to make sure that I’m taking the right classes for my major and that I’m going in the right direction towards my college degree. You know, you’ll have to […]

I’m Not A Perfectionist — I’m Particular


Can I tell you something? I hate the phrase “perfectionist”. It’s always used an insult. Oh, don’t worry about Mark. He’s just a perfectionist. It’ll never be good enough. Screw that. Whenever someone is a perfectionist about their work, I respect the hell out of them. Perfect is a goal. A stretch goal, for sure, […]

What GTD Looks Like In 2015


Productivity is defined as: The effectiveness of productive effort, especially in industry, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input: workers have boosted productivity by 30 percent. If you’re like me, you’re always striving to be more productive. You want to get more done. Squeeze everything you can out of […]